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I've been a horror junkie since I was 10. Especially zombie movies. Give me a movie with a chainsaw wielding, possessed doll in a hockey mask, stalking teenage babysitters who watched a cursed video tape which released an army of demons during a full moon and I'm happy. Just make sure the only vampires who sparkle are the ones covered in glitter during the classic 80s  movie VAMP.

Clive Barker is a master of horror. I've been a fan of the Hellraiser series since I was a teenager (I have a HUGE lament configuration tattoo on my back) so I simply HAD to create my own custom Puzzlebox. Presenting the 'Box of Regrets - The Zamochit configuration'

The Walking Dead - the Graphic novels, the TV shows, - I love it ALL. How could I not create a replica of Daryl's trophy necklace?

Arguably some of the most iconic 1990s / early 2000s TV. LOVED these shows, so jumped at the chance to sculpt some last minute appliances for friends. Sculpted, moulded and cast in silicone within 24 hours!