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Custom Caricatures / Character Design

I have been producing personalised caricatures for over 10 years.Made to capture all the quirkyness of your loved ones, simple caricatures or complex scenes, they can be drawn and sent via post or scanned and sent digitally anywhere in the world. 

Projects can be drawn in black and white or full colour.

How does it work?

Very simple, you can either send me pictures of the subject via E-mail or physically in the post (all photos returned). I'll work on the piece and send it out once done, simple as that. 


Things to consider...

*GOOD quality pictures..no hats or glasses (unless you want them in the picture).

*preferably a nice natural smile, remember I don't know these people, so I can only draw from the picture.

*If they are VERY sensetive about having features pointed out consider a caricature carefully.



For STANDARD caricatures...

A4 - Black and White - £30.00

A4 - Colour - £40.00

A3 - Black and White - £45.00

A3 - Colour - £50.00


For larger, more complex pieces or cartoon / character designs, please contact me.